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Poznan 2010 #2

Here’s the video of the Men’s 200m C1.  The photo finish and tie for third are impressive.  Here is a great example of the futility of the CKC progression criteria.  A year ago Richard Dalton faced losing his place on the National Team, despite years of being one of the best C1 and C2 paddlers in the country, because he had not made the final in an Olympic event at the World Championships in several years.  Now he takes  home a bronze and is one of our best hopes for 2012.  Go Richie!

One thought on “Poznan 2010 #2”

  1. Peter Giles

    Go Richie! indeed! It was a very exciting race with the fifth-place finisher only a few hundredths of a second out of a medal as well. One of the annoyances in Poznan was that the big ancient scoreboard would immediately show the “unofficial” (hand-timed) results to the crowd, but the corrections would never be announced or shown. So Rich was announced in fourth place and it was only when I saw him lining up for the medal ceremony that I knew he was third.

    I noted the shot at CKC and I should point out that carding is a Sport Canada program and the requirement for progression criteria is mandated by Sport Canada. The CKC high performance director and his/her committee are responsible for the specific implementation but the policy is set by Sport Canada (you can find it on the Heritage Canada web site).

    CKC are not free to do away with progression criteria, even if they wanted to. Maybe there is a better implementation that would still comply with the policy, but I have never been able to come up with one. If you or your readers have great ideas I am sure the new high performance director and the HPC would be happy to hear them.


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